DIY Valentine's Day Pop-Up Card Tutorial

Hello~ Let's make a Valentine's Day Pop-Up card! 
Step #1: Download & Print
Download our free printable HERE and print out both pages. 
Both pages from our Valentine's Day printable.
Step #2: Colour
Colour both sheets using pencils, crayons, markers, etc. and cut both pieces out following the solid black line. 
Both pieces of the printable coloured and cut.
Step #3: Fold Inner Piece 
Make three (3) folds along the lines shown below. Keeping the image on the inside, fold the square into a triangle twice and once horizontally. 
Guidelines for the fold lines.
Step #4:
Push the horizontal fold towards the middle on each side and fold down to get to the step shown below. Double check that when you open the piece, the drawing is right side up. 
Example of folded inner piece.
Step #5: 
Fold both corners towards the middle as shown below. 
Example fold of inner piece.
Step #6:
Repeat Step #5 on the other side.
Example fold for inner piece.
Step #7: 
From Step #6, you should have 4 triangle flaps. Open each flap and push the triangle inwards and fold it onto itself to get to the step below. Remember to do this for all four (4) flaps. 
Example of fold for inner piece.
Step #8: Fold Outer Piece
Take out the other piece and fold it in half along the black line.
Example fold for outer piece.
Step #9: Assembly
Align the inner piece with the outer piece as shown below. Make sure that the tip of the inner piece is touching the fold line on the outer piece. Make sure that everything is aligned properly so that when you open it up, the images match.
Glue or tape the two pieces together. 
Assembling both pieces.
Step #10: Enjoy
Open up your card to see the pop-up effect!